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We are in the tuning scene since 2003. We have the knowledge and expertise to tune almost any car on the market today. Our satisfied customers is a reflection of our continuous good results we offer and the high standard we want to keep. We are using all the latest tools on the market following up on the latest changes and updates in a rapidly growning demand.

ECU Remapping

All the engines are “detuned” from the factory for various reasons. 9 out of 10 times, the power is reduced in order to meet the tax class depending on the engine output. With the remap we simply “unlock” the full potential of an engine. Always within a safe margin, power and torque is increased, there is no effect on engine longitivity and operation. Especially in diesel cars, the remap gives a reduction in consumption up to 10% in every day driving. We can remap all the latest ecus on the market today. Antituning ptotected ecu and all the latest protocols are supported by our tools to carry out the job. A good result is guaranteed.

Our own 4WD Dimsport Dyno

Our store is equipped with a state of the art dyno by dimsport. In case you don’t know dimsport, it’s among the best brands on the planet that develops flashing tools. Our dyno is capable of measuing 800ps peak per axle. We are using a massive airflow system to provide fresh and cool air to the front of the car, simulating road conditions. Dyno measurement are very accurate and within 1-2ps from dynorun to dynorun.

File Service / Dealers

If you are looking for a good reliable file supplier, we can cover that gap. We provide tuning files for every tool on the market. Byteshooter, Kess, Genius, CMD, MPPS, Galleto etc etc. Tuned file is received back within the hour. Full Support and troubleshooting is also offered time permitted. For more details on how to get your tuned file or become and official Microchips Tuning dealer, send us an email at info@microchips-tuning.com

Recent Remaps

Stock car with 5000km on the clock

Measured stock 120ps / 281Nm
Stage1 remapped 145ps / 335Nm

Ford Fiesta 1.5L TDCI 120ps Stage1 remapped 145ps / 335Nm

  • 145ps
  • 335Nm

70mm Decat Exhaust with just a back box
Front mount intercooler
550cc Injectors
80mm Maf case
Intake kit with silicone intake hose

Low kms on the engine, hence the good result 🙂

Skoda Octavia 1.8T Stage2 setup 262ps / 380Nm

  • 262ps
  • 380Nm

Talk about value for money.

Seriously undertuned engine. With only a remap, the hidden power is unleashed 😉

Measured stock 79ps / 195Nm
Stage1 remapped via OBD (EDC17C60 ecu) 140ps / 310Nm

Peugeot 208 1.6L HDI 75ps Stage1 remapped to 140ps / 310Nm

  • 140ps
  • 310Nm

Stock Car.

Measured 107ps / 250Nm
Stage1 remapped 133ps / 333Nm

Ford Focus 1.6L TDCI 110ps Stage1 remapped to 133ps / 333Nm

  • 133ps
  • 333Nm

Stock car.

Measured OEM 112ps / 250Nm
Stage1 remapped 137ps / 329Nm

Volvo V40 D2 1.6L 114ps Stage1 remapped to 137ps / 329Nm

  • 137ps
  • 329Nm

Not bad for a small 1.6l TDI engine.

Measured stock 111ps / 260Nm
Stage1 remapped 159ps / 333Nm

VW Golf 7 1.6L TDI 110ps Stage1 remapped to 159ps / 333Nm

  • 159ps
  • 333Nm

Client Testimonials from all over the world!

Send us by email your thoughts and personal experience you had with Microchips Tuning.

Ο Γιώργος απλά απογείωσε το GT μου!

Opel GT 2L 320ps - 08.12.2014.

Δεν παίζεται λέμε ο τύπος!

VW Golf 6 1.4L DSG 235ps - 08.12.2014.

Τελευταία Νεα

Summer is just around the corner, and we are happy to announce that we can now remap the Siemens MSE 3.7x. and Bosch ME17.8.5 ecus WITHOUT opening the ecu and drilling holes like we did in the past. So, get in touch with us and have your Jetski remapped.

Πολλοί πελάτες μας ρωτάνε τις διαφορές στις τουρμπίνες που υπάρχουν στα 1.8T 20V μοτέρ. Πρώτα θα ασχοληθούμε με τα μοτέρ που έχουν Κ03 τουρμπίνα. Σαν 2 μεγαλες κατηγοριες εχουμε τα μοτερ τοποθετημενα εγκαρσια στο αμαξι (A3,Golf,Octavia,Ibiza κλπ), και αυτα που ειναι τοποθετημενα στον διαμηκη αξονα του αυτοκινητου (A4,A6, Passat,Superb). Στα μοτερ που ειναι εγκαρσια εχουμε…

Many people are mistaken as to which turbo they car has and what is it’s capabilities. We will try to explain as clear as possible the different turbos the VAG longtitudal 1.8T 20VT engines have. 3 different turbos are used on the longtitudal engines found on Audi A4/A6 and Skoda Superb K03-005 K03-029 K03-073 Compressor…